Competitor Research

Knowing what your competitors are doing with their online marketing can help you achieve a great advantage over them. With the right information, you can identify the “holes” in their marketing and take advantage of them by “filling them in” with your own marketing, thus giving you an advantage. And if you think your compoetitors aren’t researching your marketing efforts, you thought wrong. 

Competitor research Packages

Single Competitor

$ 150

Each Additional Competitor

$ 75

The Things You'll Learn About Your Competitors

We take a dive into the public marketing efforts of your client, and break down many of the metrics that highly influence search rankings. We will dig into many actionable metrics that are known and reliably suspected, and give you a clear idea of what your competitors are doing right, and guide you to better. Included in your report:

  • Link Metrics – to include a basic link profile analysis that can be used to find linking opportunities.
  • Website Performance – basic report that details their website performance metrics. Speed tests, code check, and more.
  • Website Optimization Analysis – we will show you what their website is optimized for. We’ll give you a good idea of what it’ll take to be smartly optimized. This is the foundational SEO stuff.
  • Ranking And Tracking – Estimated search traffic, competitiveness, and audience demographics. Basic keyword ranking check.
  • Social Media Check – we look at and report on what their social media strategy is.
  • And more…

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