SEO For Chiropractors

You Don’t Just Compete With Other Chiropractors, But With Doctors As Well—We Can Help

Insurance providers send a constant stream of patients through doctor’s clinics, but there are plenty of people out there who would prefer to get treatment from a traditional MD practitioner.

This is a target audience that doctors and other chiropractors in your local area are competing for. This means you have to make yourself a competitive force as well. 

All aspects of our SEO for chiropractors focus on this.

We Make Your Website Into A More Valuable Asset, Generating Leads & Making Conversions To Get More Patients Entering Your Door

How To Get Started

Here’s what will happen after you fill out the form to your right:

  • Within 24 business hours, a member of our team will contact you to discuss your business goals.
  • If you like what you hear and think we’re a good fit, we’ll send you a proposal and you can sign an agreement.
  • From there, we’ll schedule a call with our Customer Experience team – this is where the real brainstorming begins.

What We’ve Noticed After Doing SEO For Chiropractors Over The Years

People are more interested in seeing a picture or video of the clinic than being educated on what you do.

We’ve created content on bulging disc syndrome, whiplash, lower back pain, low-speed car accident injuries, and how all of these can be helped with chiropractic work. 

We’ve written about the different areas of the spine, how adjustments move muscles and reduce inflammation, and what to expect during and after an adjustment.

Turns out, people are more interested in seeing pictures of your staff and clinic. They want to watch videos. They want to see client testimonials. They want to see what the atmosphere of your clinic is like.

The bottom line is: Effective SEO for chiropractors means New Patient Focus—giving users a quick glimpse into what makes your clinic valuable and comfortable—rather than trying to educate them.

Client testimonials are huge.

People aren’t concerned about how/why what you do works, they just know they’re in pain and want someone who can fix it.

The social proof of client testimonial videos is a great way to get more people to convert.

Our video production team can shoot these videos, edit them, and we’ll put them prominently on your website.

What to display on your homepage.

People don’t read websites, they skim them. And considering that most people aren’t interested in the ins-and-outs of the spinal cord and how/why chiropractic adjustments work, this means a clean, well-organized homepage with a clear call-to-action is superior to one with a mountain of information that no one’s going to read.

What To Expect From Us

Our chiropractic SEO covers all of the essentials.

  • On-Page SEO—the necessary features that signal your relevance as a chiropractic provider.
  • Metadata Optimization—the backend data that search engines read.
  • Keywords—the search-terms people use to find practitioners like you.
  • Schema/Structured Data—quick info that search engines read to identify your business (name, address, phone number, category, etc.).
  • Backlinks—search engines like Google see backlinks as endorsements (they make your site more valuable).
  • Page Speed/Functionality Optimization—improving user-experience and keeping people on your website longer.