SEO For Law Firms

SEO For Law Firms

We’ve been doing SEO for lawyers for a very long time, and we’ve learned a lot over the years.

While there are certain SEO principles that apply to all industries, there are also certain things users want out of a law firm’s website.

You specialize in the legal realm, so when it comes to the digital realm, you might not know where to begin—but we can start you off with a solid foundation based on what has worked and what hasn’t for the many law firms we’ve worked with.

Making your online presence easy to find, functional, relevant, significant, and authoritative are all part of online marketing. Little details matter! Agency experience and creativity are necessary to work within the ever-shifting algorithms of internet search. There’s no doubt we’re the best SEO company you’ll be able to find! We can prove it.
User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) matters in not only your branding message, but achieving your online marketing goals. We develop a dynamic WordPress website that is formatted for easy updates, SEO benefit, and all your online content. We help businesses of al types to develop a custom experience. However, you’ll find our website design pricing is less than others!
85% of all internet bandwidth is used to stream video. If you don’t have a video asset to show your story to your audience, you’re offering a sub-par experience. All of your competition is doing it. You need to provide what your audience wants to see. Arcane Marketing excels in video production. Let us help your prove just how professional and authoritative you are in your industry with a professionally made content video. Videography and video marketing to boot!

We Make It Easy For Clients To Contact You

SEO for law firms means creating a good user experience, and the main factor here is the user’s ability to contact you.

Many legal firms have cluttered websites full of testimonials, credentials, and long-winded business descriptions—users quickly get lost in the chaos and don’t know how to connect. 

We’ll make sure your site is optimized for conversions, as this is one of the most important ways of getting both you and potential clients real value from your website.

We Create The Right Pictures & Video Of You & Your Staff

Law is one industry where people need to know who they’re working with. SEO for lawyers means creating a personal connection between you and your users before they even decide to contact you.

When users are exploring a law firm’s website, they want to see who it is that can represent them in court—they want to get a feel for an attorney’s attitude and confidence. 

That’s why images are good, but also why videos are much better. 

We can create professionally shot and edited footage of you in what can be called a “cultural video”—the trailer that is the movie to your law firm, so to speak.

Client testimonial videos are another invaluable resource to have when it comes to SEO for lawyers. People want to know what other people’s experiences were like while working with you.

We Can Create Informative & Personalized Content That Addresses User’s Legal Concerns

Unlike many other industries, law firm websites often get a lot of traffic to their blog posts.

People aren’t typically invested in the ins and outs of the law and legal processes—until they need an attorney. Here is where content for your website is in high demand.

Our team of writers can create researched, search-optimized content that will drive traffic, increase rankings, and compel more users to contact you.

Website Design & Maintenance—The Technical Stuff

We also handle all of the nuts-and-bolts maintenance that any website needs to stay up and running properly.

With security features, regular updates, speed and functionality improvements, and daily backups, we’ll make sure your website is safe from hacks or crashes that could cause long-term problems.

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