Video Marketing

Fully Optimized YouTube Videos

  • Search-optimized video files. Before your video is uploaded, we’ll make sure the file name includes the perfect focus keyword.
  • Search-optimized video titles. The title is one of the first things people see before deciding to click on your video. We’ll make sure the video title contains a keyword relevant to the type of video we are marketing.
  • Optimized video description. Knowing that YouTube only displays the first two or three lines of text – roughly 100 characters – before the user needs to click “show more”, we’ll make sure to include the most important information first.
  • Keyword tags. Tags help users understand what your video is about before viewing it, but they’re also responsible for something even more important – helping YouTube understand what the video is about. We’ll optimize your video with the appropriate tags to get you better search results.
  • Categorization. We’ll make sure your video is categorized correctly.
  • Custom thumbnails. The thumbnail is the main image viewers will see before clicking on your video. While YouTube does generate thumbnail options for you, it’s been shown that 90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails. We’ll make sure to upload a custom thumbnail that not only captures the user’s attention, but also has the right pixel and MB measurement.
  • Subtitles and closed captions. Adding these to your video – complete with highlighted keywords – is a great way to boost it in YouTube’s search results.
  • Cards & End Screens. Creator Academy describes YouTube Cards as “preformatted notifications that appear on desktop and mobile which you can set up to promote your brand and other videos on your channel.” End Screens, as the name implies, displays similar information at the end of your video.

Optimizing Videos for Social Media



  • Your brand logo will be included for Twitter videos
  • Your video will be uploaded directly to Twitter


  • We will include the right Hashtags for increased exposure
  • We’ll ensure the video is formatted correctly for Instagram
  • Your video will be uploaded directly to Instagram
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