Video Promotion

How does promotional videography work? What's the process?


What’s the story? Building the proper framework is key for any professional video. This is where a large portion of the work is done. During pre-production we dive deeper into what the vision for your video is going to be. What will the tone of this video be; happy and vibrant, or intense and cinematic? We storyboard shot by shot and create a custom plan. Including location, and design of the production, and gather all appropriate equipment and/or actors. Then meet with you one more time to run over the details and confirm our approach.


Lights, Camera, Action! Our team of Creators are ready to rock, we’ve storyboarded your vision and now have a solid guide to gather the assets. Production is the actual day/days of shooting and because of our pre-production planning, you can be assured that our team of creators are ready. Depending on the scope of the project at hand, you’ll see a director or cinematography, camera men, lighting, and audio experts each doing their job to create you a one of a kind, professional film.


Organize, chop, piece, and edit. Post production is where the majority of our work takes place. We’ve gathered the assets, but now it’s time to bring those together in such a way that your story comes forth clearly and creatively. In post, our team clears up the audio, corrects colors, adds the perfect music or voice overs and tightens the entire video to ensure we’ve followed our vision. After post, you will have the opportunity to view what we’ve created for you and give any final thoughts, this is the time you may request any reasonable changes that are within the scope originally discussed.

Final Cut and Output

Go forth and share the greatness! Once the final cut is approved, we format and export your video into a high definition file that can be used on a variety of platforms.


To complete the video project outlined above, Arcane Marketing expects a base 4-week timeline for deliverables. This 4 week timeframe starts after the last production day ends. We do all in our power to be quick.

Scope of Work: Video Production


  • Storyboarding content
    • Scripting 
    • Feel and vision of final video
    • Creating shot list
  • Communication and availability through out
    • Finding actors/on screen talent
  • Location establishment for production
  • Determine timing and date of production


  • Half day of shooting 2-5 hours on location
    • B-Roll attainment on location of shoot (per video concept)
    • Additional B-Roll attainment arrangements may be made for completion of designed outline


  • Editing
    • Color grading
    • Music bed if appropriate 
    • Logo placement

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